The Budweiser Frogs first gained success back in 1995, thanks to their string of commercials, which became famous immediately. Bullfrogs Bud, Weis, and Er met in late 1994 at their local Lilly Pad – a chain of watering holes in the frog community. They quickly realized that the three of them had a few things in common: their love of beer, their admiration for comedy and their willingness to do almost anything for laughs. Bud, Weis and Er quickly became inseparable.

Weis and Er took their overnight success in hop and always had a feeling that it would be short term. Therefore, they planned for the future. They invested their money in the Anheiser-Busch company, which they helped reach its peak in the late ’90s. Bud, however, invested most of his money in drugs, tadholes (aka frogstitutes), and kegs of Budweiser. He quickly became an alcoholic and never was able to overcome his sickness. He knew he had hit rock bottom when he let out several “Bud” in a row and never heard a “Weis” or “Er” follow. He has joined the long list of childhood celebrities to go off the deep end of the pond.


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