Another January leaves. Another February comes. February is the worst month in many parts of the world. In the northern hemisphere, it signifies the middle of winter. Cold, snow, inconveniences. Possibly the only good thing about February – it’s only 28 days. Except this year. Leap year. 29 days. An extra day to remind us how much February sucks. But, look at the bright side, it’s an extra day for blacks to celebrate their culture.

Who knows, maybe someday blacks will get a real month to celebrate, like June. I’m quite sure they’ll never be allotted July, August, or any other 31-day month, but we at Satiric Lyric hope to see our Nubian neighbors lock up at least April in the near future. Until then, enjoy your extra day of black history. But, try not to be too black, or it will be revoked next year.


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